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Committed to Ensure Life-Changing Results.

Join us as JourneyHTX is converted into a retreat space and living/learning community for students ages 18–24.

Dr. Vanessa Monroe / Director, JourneyHTX

JourneyHTX, nestled in Houston’s Sunnyside community. As Director, I lead our mission of providing a refuge for healing and renewal.

Let’s journey together towards wholeness.

Next Steps

How Do We Accomplish Our Goal?

Step 1: Placemaking

Journey will continue to utilize its workforce to provide placemaking experiences aimed at serving the non-profit community, while also hosting select events for profitability and sustainability.

Step 2: Youth Engagement

In the JHTX living learning community, Young People will staff retreats, event, and community gatherings. They will be trained in videography, administrative services, media/marketing, operations, maintenance, hospitality and permaculture.

Step 3: Sustainability

Housing Reach (32 young people).

Begin creating independent housing alternatives - Increase capacity.

Journey will fully transition to day retreats and events.

Step three will be completed by the end of year two of this implementation.

How Might We?

The goal is to secure at least 6 service and workforce development agencies involved in a collaborative partnership capacity and at least 32 underhoused students age 18-24 signed up by December 2025. JHTX will provide day retreats/events and align with capacity building partners to create independent housing alternatives.

Our Goal

JourneyHTX’s goal is to become a “life-giving” program.

The Vision

At JourneyHTX, we are committed to work together to create a global brand and transformative experiences that ensure life-changing RESULTS.

Our mission is to provide a safe and welcoming space for individual and community reflection, respite, and renewal.

"Kneel Deeply Where Others Have Prayed, for Surely the Spirit of God is in That Place."

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